Club Domina

Club Rules

This is a Club for only couples, single men will not be permitted.

▫️Single women must have a submissive male to be part of our Club!

▫️You must be a genetic female to be “Dominant”. NO EXCEPTIONS! Gender reassignment, male to female will only be recognized as submissive. We love you dearly - support & recognize our friends in he lgbtq+ community, but if you weren’t born as a female you are identified as submissive in our Club. We mean no offense with this stipulation.

▫️Positively NO DRUGS or ALCHOL on the premises during our gatherings! You must also be deemed alcohol and drug free while entering our parties. At our discretion, we reserve the right to escort you out if we suspect otherwise! Absolutely, No weapons or conceal carry weapons are ever permitted in our facilities. Safety is our priority.

▫️Respect is paramount at our parties and hopefully everyone is aware of how to act accordingly. Please refrain from profanity as well.

▫️Do come to our parties dressed in regular, “Vanilla” clothing. We will not allow you in if you come dressed in “fetish wear”. Please be respectful of the vanilla world around you that doesn’t understand what we are all about. Remember discretion and safety is priority. We can keep our gatherings going into eternity if we remain mindful of ourselves and others.

▫️Do address all Dominant Women as, Domina! Dominant women reserve the right to address their submissive as the chose. Submissives shall show respect to the Dominas at all times. Submissives serve their Dominas and other Dominas at our gatherings.

▫️Positively no smoking, inside or outside our facilities. You can go a couple of hours without your addiction!

▫️No one will be admitted with out proper vetting by either Mz Fawn or Vidian. We reserve the right to not accept you based upon differences of beliefs in Female superiority or conflicts of interest.

▫️Couples must be 30 years of age to join Club Domina. Upon arrival at our gatherings, you will be met in our parking lot by one of our submissive attendants. He will guid you in the facility. You must show your private invitation to enter Club Domina. This is explained when you join in more detail so you’ll know what to do each month to attend our gathering.

▫️Absolutely, no sitting in vehicles before or after Club Domina gatherings. Loitering will not be tolerated and you won’t be allowed to enter our facilities.

▫️Positively, no selling of goods or equipment during our gathering. No “self promotion” is tolerated.

(All club rules have been made and enforced by Head Domina, MzFawn.)