Club Domina

Meet Our Dominas

Head Domina MzFawn

Mz Fawn has 30 years of experience as a Kink Practitioner and Pro Domina. She is also a lifestyle Dominant who has a large stable of slaves and admirers. Mz Fawn has been published many times throughout the years and has appeared in many films with other Dominas, both nationally and internationally. Mz Fawn also was affiliated with Passion Magazine as special program manager. She was featured in that magazine as well.

Mz Fawn’s devotion to Dominant women led her to run a chapter of an international organization for 7 years which she loved. She built her chapter and then decided to pass the torch due to a change of heart and desire to further her education. However, being truly Dominant this void was great and her love for teaching other women to be dominant over men, she had an idea to start her own organization making it better than ever for all those involved! Thus, Club Domina was born....

Mz Fawn has successfully run many dungeons throughout her 30 years and maintains three locations to date. She also is the owner and operator of Red Door B/d S/m Bed and Breakfast, located in the Eastern Pan Handle of West Virginia!

Recently, She partnered with Vidian Vixen, who she met 12 years ago at a Rockville Dungeon play party. She saw great potential in Vidian and the rest is history! Mz Fawn and Vidian joined forces and want to share their skills and play spaces with those women who can appreciate what true female dominance is all about.

They also are partners in a Photography studio as well.

Mz Fawn didn’t want to stop there, she has decided the recent Columbia, Md., location should be bigger and better than any previous dungeon she’s owned.

Vidian and Mz Fawn have worked hard to make their new location the “premier dungeon” of the east coast.

Mz Fawns particular passions are very specific, she’s a fetishist, kink practitioner, B/d S/m educator and key holder to many. If you’ve ever experienced a session or time with her, you know she loves long sessions, overnights and weekends. She travels nationally and internationally. Recently, she traveled to Japan for an entire week of kink and teachings! She also loves medical sessions. Her dungeons sport medical rooms that are identical to what you might find in a hospital or clinic. She is also a collector of vintage medical equipment and enjoys to be gifted accordingly. She hopes you will submit and experience her craft and skills! She has been described as a legend, but you must decide for yourself!

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Board Domina - Vidian Vixen

Vidian Vixen entered the community in 2010. Gifted with mentorship from MzFawn, she learned what a true Domina is and how to safely enforce punishment to deserving male submissives. Forever grateful to our Head Domina for seeing something in her and bringing it to light.

Vidian is a true sadist & all top, all the time. Corporal punishment is her area of expertise. Vidian prefers to session with absolute pain sluts, subs who can take what she can give. Although Vidian plays rough; she is also compassionate, attentive and responsible. In Vidian's world - submissives are punished accordingly, but also respected.

Other areas of interest:

Electro play, foot worship, bondage, sensory deprivation, begging, denial, heavy CBT, cross dressing, mind games and role play

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