Club Domina


  • * Club Domina is a pending Trademark in accordance with the USPTO.
  • * Club Domina is a not for profit organization.
  • * Club Domina reserves the right to deny membership as we are a private organization with specific requirements and rules.
  • * Club Domina is held harmless by the actions of its participants that meet once a month, specified as a “gathering” for the purpose of teaching, educating, and expressing the B/d S/m lifestyle.
  • * Club Domina is held harmless by any injury that may occur within the facility other than what could occur in or by the complex or building in which the “gathering” is held. Should the latter be the case, Club Domina insures the facility it holds the “gatherings” in.
  • * Club Domina is not affiliated with any other organization that expresses Female Dominance, but reserved the right to operate within their own ideas and concepts without interference of other clubs close to similarity.
  • * Club Domina shall have the right to their own “peaceful enjoyment” without interference of other similar organizations and/or gatherings.
(All rules set forth have been made and enfored by Head Mistress Mz Fawn)