Club Domina

About Club Domina

Welcome to Club Domina, Where Dominance, CFNM reigns. Our exclusive Club is For couples only and we meet the 1st Saturday of each month. The purpose of our Club is to support couples in the lifestyle, encourage the exploration of their B/d S/m desires, kinks, and teach proper technique.

Our Club is a start up organization founded, August of 2020. We only allow Females to be in charge and do not support switching or role reversal. Women are always superior and dominant at all times.

Club Domina does not allow single men to roam our gatherings for a “hook up” unlike other organizations and clubs. We find with strict guideline to this rule makes for a more comfortable and carefree setting for our women in charge. We only support other organizations and clubs that have this same theory. We strive to be unique and have no desire to replicate what others do.

Our Head Mistress, Mz Fawn has 7 year of successful prior experience (2007-2013) of running a state chapter, part of an international organization. She took her monthly gatherings to a new level within that Organization and love every minute of it. Many famous practitioners of kink within the B/d S/m industry would join the parties to teach techniques and support Female dominance and make submission. It was truly a rewarding experience for all involved.

Her passion for Female Dominance and male submission was her main goal. Many relationships were made throughout those 7 years when she reigned and still continues to this day. By popular demand and no affiliation in the previous organization, Club Domina is born. Truly perfected and attention to details, Club Domina will be an international movement with the Dominant women In mind and the submissive male serving her. We hope you can join us.

Club Domina wants you, the first Saturday of each month!!!

To join, you must be “vetted” by one of our Dominant ladies who is part of our committee at Club Domina. Our process is simple and provides complete discretion. Ladies, Please send us a letter of introduction. Submissive Males can not provide this letter, only Dominant women! Your letter should include your areas of interest within kink and B/d S/m. You must state why you’d like to join Club Domina, also including your goals you’d like to achieve. We will be in touch to provide a face to face or video chat interview.

Upon approval you will be notified by email only and invited to our gatherings. Unlike most organizations, we do not keep mailing or contact lists! We maintain complete discretion of our monthly participants. We feel this is paramount to your safety and ours.

Once you are approved, you’ll be given a letter of protocol to Club Domina. You’ll know what to do each month! Our parties are completely free and no required fee is necessary, we can do this because we maintain our own facilities which are fully equipped. We do not, “rent” B/d S/m play spaces and never will! This defeats the purpose of discretion. We know what works and what doesn’t after years of experience hosting parties and gatherings! Safety and discretion is always our number one priority!

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